Summer in a Bowl, or, Panzanella Gluten Free!

Posted by firda nugraha
Hullo January, you've come and gone, and I am waaaaaay behind in blogging. Because Life is Happening, and while I've been eating pretty decently and taking photos, I just haven't had the time to write a proper post and put it up.

I will eventually, promise.

For now though, have some summer in a bowl:

This, believe it or not, is gluten-free panzanella - an Italian tomato salad made with basil, red wine vinegar, garlic, and leftover bread. I never really thought it sounded tasty, and then I made it with some leftover gluten-free bread I'd baked up over the Christmas holidays (post about the bread coming soon. It is -amazing-, hands down the best gluten-free bread I've ever made or tasted, and it's all thanks to Shauna of Gluten-Free Girl.)

This is the recipe I followed. I didn't quite have that much bread, I just used whatever I had, but oh, it is out of this world AMAZING. The flavours! And the short 10-12 minutes spent crisping up the croutons gives the bread just that touch more durability, because gluten-free bread can fall apart real easily if it's soaking in tomato juice. Done this way, it doesn't. It becomes absolutely perfect.

Try some! If I had more bread I'd be making this every day in a heartbeat, but since I don't, I may just make a plain tomato-basil salad anyways because it is delicious and healthy, and so tasty.

Of course, you need -good- cherry tomatoes or the whole thing falls flat, and fresh basil. Dried basil just won't do, not for this.

Now I know why people rave about panzanella. It's the very essence of summer, sunshine and the magic that only the best, simplest, freshest food can bring.

I am so making this again, when I have bread.

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