In The Absence Of, Create: Tuscany

Posted by firda nugraha

If my previous post hasn't given a clue yet, I have Italy on my mind at the moment, not least because my friend Ale is getting married this weekend and I'm thrilled for her. She's also been gently nudging me to visit for quite a while now, and while I really want to, finances dictate a little while longer before I can actually do that.

While surfing around on the net two weeks ago for something entirely unrelated, I came across a beautifully simple little recipe for Tuscan herb salt, using garlic, sage, rosemary and black pepper. The concept fascinated me enough to want to try it, so I got hold of some rosemary and sage, and went to work while I was simmering up the pot of ragu in my previous post.

I always forget something whenever I'm working recipes from memory. This time, it was the garlic and the black pepper because I wasn't referring to the recipe when I was i the kitchen. However, it still turned out beautifully fragrant, and left my hands full of the loveliest scents of sage and rosemary. I mixed the salt and herbs together, spooned them into a jar, and put it in the fridge as recommended.

I may very well be opening the jar a lot just to sniff those pure, clean herbal scents. Just to relax.

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