Sweetness for the Rain

Posted by firda nugraha
The weather lately has been either scorchingly hot or wet as an eternal shower with no off-switch. Today it was overcast skies and lots of rain - not quite the ideal for a day off, but this time it didn't matter since I was going to stay home and relax after a long stressful week.

Besides, there was this to add a little sunshine and sweetness to the day. The perfect touch.

Greek Yogurt Sunshine
Adapted from Tessa Kiros, Apples for Jam

Couple spoonfuls Greek yogurt (it's much thicker than ordinary yogurt)
A drizzle honey or condensed milk
Dried craisins (or pomegranate seeds or whatever dried fruit/fruit you prefer)

Choose a nice bowl or cup to put the Greek yogurt in. Drizzle the honey or condensed milk over the yogurt. Sprinkle craisins or whatever fruit you want over the top.

Smile and enjoy with tea, coffee, or whatever makes you wake up in the morning.


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